Michael J. Ward, MGA, FIFireE

Senior Associate


Mike Ward has four decades of fire-rescue experience, including a 25 year career with Fairfax County (VA) fire and rescue department. He served for eight years as a fire company commander and supervised a hazardous materials heavy rescue company. He served for two years as the evening and weekend Fire Academy training officer, responsible for updating and supervising the volunteer training program and coordinating career field training activities; two years as the executive officer for the Operations Chief and two years as an Assistant Fire Marshal; conducting code enforcement, fire protection system tests and responding county-wide as a hazardous materials code enforcement official. He served for four years in EMS administration, retiring as the acting division director.

Following his retirement from the fire service, he served as Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at a major university for seven years. He directed the Emergency Health Services (EHS) program that provided undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Ward is the primary author of the NFPA/IAFC textbook Fire Officer: Principles and Practice published by Jones and Bartlett. He is a founding U.S. Branch member of the U.K. based Institution of Fire Engineers.

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