2022 EMS Trend Report

In the 2022 EMS Trend Survey, as in years past, we examine perceptions and experiences across the country on topics like staffing, clinical adoption and hope for the future.

This year, we also dove deeper into certain areas than we have previously, most notably related to leadership and safety. Because if some of the concerns and issues raised by the EMS clinicians surveyed here remain steady through good times and bad, it’s clear they are persistent and deeply rooted in the profession. And it will take thoughtful, bold and compassionate leaders to tackle them.

In addition to the survey results, we’ve asked several experts to join us for their interpretations and action items for EMS leaders, with the goal of translating data into information, and information into action. Because like its predecessors, this year’s seventh annual EMS Trend Survey is not only about exploring the state of EMS today. It’s about creating a path to a better EMS experience, for patients, families and especially caregivers.

Download your copy to read:

  • What paramedics want: Defining a path forward
  • Roundtable: Action steps to move EMS forward
  • Will EMS matter in the future of healthcare?
  • Proven recruitment and retention strategies
  • 3 Toxic traits in medicine

The 2022 EMS Trend Report is produced through a collaboration between Fitch & Associates, EMS1, the EMS Survey Team and NEMSMA, and sponsored by Pulsara.