Are we as collaborative as we think we are?

We know collaboration is key to thriving in our profession, especially as our communities become more interconnected. But truly fostering the collaborative relationships that can take your organization to the next level takes strong leadership and commitment.

We in public safety often think we are being effective collaborators. On an incident scene, we frequently work with other responders as a team to get the job done. But how well do we collaborate on a strategic level?

Our team worked with our friends at EMS1 to ask people what was really happening.

Are we as collaborative as we think we are?
The Cornerstone Report: The State of Collaboration in EMS shares the results of a recent survey of EMS leaders like you and offers real-world examples of how some agencies are collaborating to be more effective, efficient and safe. Download the report to see where you stand and how you can take collaborative approaches to solving problems in your community.
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