EMS Trend Survey: What Paramedics Want in 2024

Fitch & Associates, EMS1 and the National EMS Management Association have launched the What Paramedics Want in 2024 EMS Trend Survey.

The survey will measure how events over the past year have impacted EMS and identify where providers seek support from their agencies, culminating in the What Paramedics Want in 2024 state-of-the-industry report in August.

This year’s survey will dial into year-over-year shifts in areas such as staffing, technology adoption and lights and siren usage, as well as new issues, like electric vehicles, AI and alternate response models.

A new section will focus on providers’ access to and employment of career development opportunities.

Industry leaders will offer insight and analysis into the responses, and offer action steps for making meaningful changes in the What Paramedics Want in 2024 Digital Edition, which will be published in August, and presented at the Pinnacle EMS conference in Marco Island, Florida.

EMS providers, educators and leaders at every level are encouraged to share their voice to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to advance EMS.

Those who respond by February 29 will be entered in a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card.