Engage your team to be Stronger Together this EMS Week

As EMS leaders, we often struggle with how best to recognize, reward and retain our top performers. There are the obvious answers: higher pay, better benefits, promotional opportunities. And we all know the value of employee engagement — but how many of us work in organizations that actually do something about it, in a planned, organized and measured way?

In this case study published by NEJM Catalyst, you’ll see how one healthcare system tackled employee engagement head on, in a deliberate and calculated way.

Next week is EMS Week, and this year we celebrate the theme of “Stronger Together.” 

Consider going beyond the ceremonies, awards and small gifts often associated with EMS Week and really consider how your organization can live those words, by collaborating with partners, and by taking advantage of the strengths of every member of your team. In order to achieve the vision described in the recently released draft of EMS Agenda 2050, we need commitment from all levels of our profession—and that starts with each of you and your colleagues, from the most senior leader to the newest hire.

Thank you for all that you do for your communities, our profession and each other.

Best Regards,

Jay FitchPhD
Founding Partner, Fitch & Associates