Getting the Most Out of Your EMS Billing: An Interview with Anthony Minge, EdD, Fitch & Associates

An interview with Anthony Minge, EdD, Fitch & Associates

City and county officials, EMS agency directors and fire chiefs who struggle to balance budgets may want to analyze the efficacy of their EMS billing operations to recover additional revenue.

Anthony Minge, EdD, a partner with Fitch & Associates, has extensive experience in healthcare finance, billing and collections and says that many officials see revenue from EMS transports as a fixed number and feel a false sense of security by outsourcing billing.

For EMS leaders and municipal officials looking to maximize revenue and maintain compliance, Minge, who was formerly the business manager for Northwest MedStar in Spokane, Wash., one of the largest air medical programs in the Pacific Northwest, says it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at the billing department or contractor’s work.

Where should leaders begin when trying to evaluate their billing operations?

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