Growing into the Future

For more than a decade we’ve worked to expand the firm’s capabilities for our clients, both old and new. We’ve become much more data driven while continuing to focus on the quality, personal service, responsiveness and values that define our brand.

The Founding Partners have also been preparing for a natural leadership transition to the next generation of Partners. Earlier this year, Founding Partner Christine Zalar and I achieved another milestone in that process. To be able to travel a bit less and focus on consulting projects, I turned over the administrative duties as the firm’s President and oversight of educational and marketing efforts. In a like manner, Christine transitioned her role as Managing Partner of the Emprize Group (our parent company) and MedServ Management Services (our longer-term management contract services group). Christine and I will remain active with the firm and continue to consult, write and serve in a broader “of counsel” role.

The evolving responsibilities include:

Roxanne Peek, MBA, will serve as the President and Managing Partner of the Emprize Group. She will continue directing the LifeFlight Eagle air medical program and the Association of Critical Care Transport, through our MedServ Management Services group.

Anthony Minge, EdD, has assumed oversight of Education and Marketing in addition to responsibilities for Revenue Cycle Management, Compliance, and Membership services provided for the firm’s clients.

Guillermo Fuentes, MBA, serves as the Fitch Chief Operating Officer in addition to overseeing the Police, Communication Center, and EMS programs. He is also responsible for oversight of the firm’s long-term management contracts.

Steve Knight PhD, oversees the firm’s Fire Services and Fire-based EMS programs and is responsible for the development of Governmental Relations.

These evolving roles provide long term continuity of operations for both our clients and our successors. We appreciate your support over the firm’s nearly 40-year history and look forward to our continued service to the profession and our clients in the years ahead.

Best regards,

Jay FitchPhD
Founding Partner, Fitch & Associates