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Non-profit EMS: Myths and truths

Strategies for overcoming the unique challenges of leading a non-profit EMS organization By Roxanne Peek, MBA, Fitch & Associates Published by EMS1 What does it mean to be a non-profit EMS organization? Often, people hear the term “non-profit,” and have false assumptions about what that actually means regarding how an organization operates. There are several…

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Achieving positive discipline without destroying trust

A 3-step guide to disciplinary action that demonstrates good faith, while putting the responsibility for their actions on employees By Jay Fitch, PhD, Fitch & Associates Published by EMS1 It was a hot afternoon in St. Louis a number of years ago. I was the EMS director, following the city’s progressive discipline policy by handing…

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Successful and sustainable EMS mentoring programs

By Jay Fitch, PhD, Fitch & Associates Published by EMS1 Mentoring has been around for a long time. “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction,” according to John Crosby. Crosby was a businessman who also represented Massachusetts’ 12th District in Congress the late 1800’s and…

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Growing into the Future

For more than a decade we’ve worked to expand the firm’s capabilities for our clients, both old and new. We’ve become much more data driven while continuing to focus on the quality, personal service, responsiveness and values that define our brand. The Founding Partners have also been preparing for a natural leadership transition to the…

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Ensure safety and reliable service with a cost-effective fleet maintenance plan

By Les Polk Published by EMS1 Developing a cost-effective fleet maintenance plan for an EMS agency should be a priority for EMS leadership regardless of agency size or complexity. A safe and well-functioning fleet is critical to ensure the safety and wellbeing of clinicians in the field as well as providing reliable and consistent service to the…

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