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I’d rather listen to your troubles than your eulogy

By Jay Fitch, PhD The medic’s eulogy was moving. Patrick was a great guy. A rock-solid clinician. A loving father. A faithful husband. And, as the funeral service progressed, my mind could not be quieted as I kept thinking why? Why did Patrick commit suicide when he had so much to live for? Read the…

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Fitch Insights – Dr. Brad Lee

Dr. Brad Lee, MD, JD, MBA, shares how early collaboration and partnership were the keys to success in a groundbreaking project, and how wisdom gained in his Air Force career helped prepare him for his career as a civilian medical director. Join us for this episode of Fitch Insights as Jay Fitch talks briefly with Dr. Lee, medical…

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The ‘M’ in EMS Stands for Medical: Tackling Fire/EMS Challenges

By Jay Fitch, PhD As I pulled on my bunker pants, I started whining about taking a middle-of-the-night, low-priority ambulance call. It was early in my career, and an older firefighter leaned over and said, “Son, remember that the M on your EMS patch stands for medical, so quit whining and just get on with…

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Fitch Insights – Maria Beerman-Foat

Dr. Maria Beermann-Foat, battalion chief at Med-Act in Johnson County, Kan., explains the importance of a leader doing the “right thing” even when it isn’t easy. In this installment of Fitch Insights, Jay Fitch talks with the recipient of the 2019 Pinnacle Emerging Leader Award, who also shares her insight on: Having an internal drive that motivates us to persevere…

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Fitch Insights – Ray Barishansky

Ray Barishansky talks about one of the biggest leaps, and the challenges of that leap, in his EMS career. He has transitioned from EMS to a much wider role of Assistant Director of Public Health. How important is effective communication as a leader? Make sure you don’t miss future Fitch Insights videos. Subscribe to our…

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