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Our hands-on experience in operating and managing air medical programs gives us unmatched real-world capabilities for assisting all types of air medical services.

Air Medical & Ground Critical Care Transport Feature Resource Our peers in helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) have been catching a lot of flack in the media recently, due to several high-profile incidents and government investigations. Maybe you’ve been thinking, Thank goodness it’s them, not us. But what are you doing to achieve…
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Air Medical & Critical Care Transport Consulting

Critical care transport and air medical services face increasing competition, changing reimbursement models, high fixed costs and increasingly complex standards. To be competitive, critical care and specialty care medical transport services must work to implement clinical and operational improvements without losing focus on reliability and stability in a turbulent healthcare environment. At Fitch & Associates, we work alongside clients to develop agile organizations that excel even in uncertain times.

At Fitch & Associates, we work with some of the most successful air medical, ground critical care and specialty transport services in the nation, including programs of all types, such as traditional hospital-based programs, consortiums, shared services and stand-alone organizations alike.

For our air medical and critical care transport customers, the Fitch & Associates team has:

  • Conducted demand analysis, comprehensive market research and strategic planning
  • Designed, implemented and expanded air and ground critical care services
  • Performed top-to-bottom program reviews of operations, safety, clinical care and financial performance
  • Assisted with fiscal planning, billing compliance, payor contracts and revenue cycle optimization
  • Managed competitive procurements for aircraft purchases, aviation services, ambulance purchases and turnkey air medical
  • Delivered leadership training and coaching, assisted with executive recruitment and provided long-term contracted management services.

At Fitch & Associates, we combine our unequaled experience in the air medical and critical care transport industry with a commitment to understanding our clients’ individual needs.

Your air medical and critical care transport service has unique needs. To see how Fitch can help you, call us today at 816-431-2600.

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LifeFlight of Maine

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