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Our team frequently conducts analyses and related projects focused on financial, reimbursement and funding issues.

We also function as an independent review organization to audit EMS, fire ambulance, nonemergency ambulance and air medical claims to ensure federal reimbursement compliance.

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Increased attention on ambulance use demonstrates the need for compliance plans to include emergency and non-emergency ambulance operations. The HHS OIG has published voluntary compliance program guidance for ambulance suppliers. Ambulance billing should reflect the care provided by the EMS personnel, not the hospital diagnosis of the patient. Training for billing personnel and EMS providers on documentation and billing for ambulance services is often inadequate. Ambulance suppliers should conduct regular claims reviews to ensure problems are identified and corrected prior to an audit.
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Finance, Compliance & Reimbursement Consulting

Keeping your financial house in order is a daunting task in today’s public safety and healthcare environments. Organizations face limited resources and increasing expectations for service delivery. Their leaders struggle to balance maximizing revenue recovery with complying with rules and regulations, improving customer satisfaction and achieving optimal outcomes.

Fitch & Associates has helped numerous organizations, from small private transport agencies to large municipal fire departments and national air medical programs, become more effective in their fiscal operations. Navigating an ever-changing healthcare environment and complex regulations requires the experience and expertise that Fitch’s consultants have acquired after decades in the industry.

At Fitch & Associates, our consultants have:

  • Assisted organizations in developing enhanced budget and reporting processes, analyzing EMS system finances and quantifying the costs of potential system changes
  • Prepared pro formas to evaluate feasibility of projects and potential new business ventures and pricing of air and ground services
  • Developed customized compliance plans to help healthcare organizations prevent billing fraud
  • Conducted internal reviews to audit emergency and non-emergency ambulance and air medical claims to ensure federal reimbursement compliance
  • Assisted agencies in managing investigations and negotiations with regulators

Our team has a demonstrated track record of delivering accurate financial projections, improving fiscal performance, optimizing revenue recovery and minimizing risk.

We saved one agency alone $5 million. To learn how we can improve your fiscal future, call one of the firm’s partners today at 816-431-2600.

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Michael R. Humphrey, MD

Medical Director, Ground & Lifeflight Services
St. Rita’s Medical Center EMS

Lima, Ohio

Client type: Hospital-based system

Dudley Wait

Executive Director
City of Schertz

Schertz, Texas