Law Enforcement & Homeland Security

As policing evolves and its visibility continues to rise, Fitch & Associates can assist law enforcement agencies navigate in an ever-changing environment.

Law Enforcement & Homeland Security Feature Resource

What has become clearer than ever before in today’s rapidly evolving police environment is that traditional policing models are being questioned and challenged.  In many instances, police agencies become quickly reflexive and do so without the requisite research, employee buy-in and systematic approach that would ensure success, just to stay ahead of a growing and seemingly unstable political environment.  These internal and solitary reforms, while often encompassing a much larger portion of the social construct, are coming to fruition at the most fundamental level and at their core, address the interactions of the police with its citizenry.

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Law Enforcement Consulting

In a highly visible field, law enforcement agencies are constantly striving to adjust to change and growing challenges while working to better serve their communities. Policing has the broadest community based missions, some of which are historical and core to what police represent and others have grown over time to fill a gap that was created by society but cannot be left unfilled. Understanding the difference and balancing that against fiscal and community expectations is key. Fitch & Associates provides expert law enforcement consulting services to county, city and state agencies of all sizes.

Our team of consultants brings years of experience at all levels of the field. Fitch & Associates experts can provide assistance by:

  • Evaluating community needs
  • Evaluating governance structures and dispute resolution models
  • Conducting policy and procedure reviews and efficiently studies
  • Assessing deployment and staffing models
  • Conducting a staffing analysis for all department levels
  • Providing strategic planning services
  • Directing risk evaluation projects and developing mitigation strategies
  • Performing compliance evaluations
  • Providing individual and organizational leadership development and coaching
  • Objectively evaluating consolidation opportunities
  • Leading implementations of new communications and data systems

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