System Design & Procurement

Regardless of the size of their community, people deserve EMS systems they can count on.

We help communities nationwide build systems that deliver clinical excellence, response time reliability, high customer satisfaction and economic efficiency—simultaneously and consistently.

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This report is part of a continuing leadership series developed for Best Practices in Emergency Services. It shows leaders of emergency medical services (EMS) and fire departments how the concept of organizational agility can be applied in their agencies. Organizational agility originated in the context of flexible manufacturing and later emerged as a business model in service industries and healthcare. Researchers from diverse disciplines approach organizational agility from a variety of perspectives. Most agree that when organizations are not agile, they become less effective and “fragile,” or susceptible to factors that can impair their ability to survive.
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System Design & Procurement

Most EMS systems were born of necessity more than half a century ago. Today, many emergency services systems no longer reflect their communities’ needs.

We use a structured approach to system design that explores and resolves public policy issues with local officials early by focusing on system standards and desired outcomes. This provides the framework for stipulating service and reliability levels to be achieved. We then develop the business structure, financing methods and performance safeguards and incentives. Throughout, our processes are designed to ensure that fair competition occurs, including structuring procurement options for public and private agency competition.

The team at Fitch & Associates has:

  • Managed every step of the request for proposal (RFP) process, from initial design of the RFP through competitive procurements and the selection of a service provider
  • Assessed communities’ fire, EMS and 911 communication systems and recommended solutions to improve effectiveness and efficiency and meet the specific needs of the clients and communities
  • Created systems for independent oversight of both clinical and administrative system components of emergency services systems
  • Assisted hospitals in developing non-emergency, air medical critical care RFPs
  • Helped systems account for all costs and achieve performance sustainability
  • Developed performance metrics for emergency systems that conform with evidence-based industry standards but are also tailored to the community

Our system design and procurement clients have ranged in size from Muscatine, Iowa, with a population of 23,000, to multiple California counties, with more than 1 million residents. No community is too large, too small, or too unique to benefit from the approach we have refined over three decades of experience.

We’ve helped hundreds of communities with this increasingly complex and critical function. Contact Fitch today at 816-431-2600.

What System Design & Procurement Experts Are Saying

Norman Seals

Retired Assistant Chief of EMS Bureau

Dallas Fire-Rescue Department

Dallas, Texas