Thomas J. Moore

Junior Partner

[email protected]

Thomas Moore, a junior partner with Fitch & Associates, serves as the Director of Emergency Medical Services for University Medical Center Health System in Lubbock, Texas. As a consultant, he serves leading health systems, public safety agencies, and government units in radically transforming their operating models and cost structures, improving performance, and building sustainable businesses. His primary focus areas include strategy, growth, M&A, business building, large-scale performance transformations, procurement of Emergency Medical Services, and risk disaggregation and reallocation across the healthcare system. He also supports clients in developing innovative approaches to reduce medical and administrative costs, defining organizational strategies, and optimizing their organizations.

Thomas’ expertise has been essential in defining the structural and performance implications of organizational transformation and restructuring, strategic growth, productivity, and core operations performance improvement. He has tackled issues as diverse as healthcare-system-level strategies, the regional organization of health-service provisions, and large-scale EMS service development to improve quality, access, and efficiency. Thomas’ experience spans publicly traded and not-for-profit organizations, academic medical centers, leading health systems, and EMS services. Before joining the Firm, he was responsible for running EMS agencies in the private and public sectors, serving metropolitan and rural communities. His expertise includes system design, operations, and technology optimization, EMS economics, revenue cycle management, stakeholder relations, operating model reform, data and strategic analysis, and public affairs. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Management. He is a graduate of the Ambulance Service Manager program and was the recipient of the Jerry Love Leadership Award.