Thomas J. Moore

Senior Associate

[email protected]

Mr. Moore is the Director of Emergency Medical Services for University Medical Center Health System in Lubbock, Texas. His professional healthcare experience includes designing, implementing, and managing ground ambulance services, managing hospital emergency care systems and trauma centers, and providing consulting and leadership for strategic planning, consolidations, mergers, acquisitions, and Request for Proposal processes for healthcare and government procurement of transportation services. Mr. Moore also serves as faculty for the Ambulance Service Manager program (ASM) and Communications Center Manager program (CCM).  Prior to joining the Firm, he served as the Director of Emergency Medical Services for public, government, and nonprofit EMS agencies.  


As a consultant, Mr. Moore has designed multi-jurisdictional regional EMS systems, hospital inter-facility transport systems, and neonatal intensive care unit transport systems. Mr. Moore has also successfully led communications centers through the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) Accredited Center of Excellence accreditation process and EMS agencies through the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) accreditation process, including one of only forty-six agencies worldwide to receive accreditation by both accrediting bodies. Mr. Moore’s expertise includes stakeholder relations, EMS economics, operational and financial analysis of medical transportation services and health systems, technology optimization, data analysis, development of strategic alliances, clinical education optimization, and public affairs. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Management and is currently pursuing an MBA at UAB. He is a graduate of the Ambulance Service Manager program and was the recipient of the Jerry Love Leadership Award.